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Introduction & welcome speech By MDA President

Eileen Ooi, MDA President


Opening Speech by MDEC

Ts. Mahadhir Aziz, CEO, Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)


Opening Address by the Digital Minister

YB Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Digital

8:55AM Presenter #1

Navigating Disruption and Staying Relevant in Shifting Digital Landscape

Natalie Goh

9:15AM Panel Discussion #1

Unleashing Possibilities in ASEAN

How countries and companies can come together to establish ASEAN as a tech innovation hub and create a better digital economy.

Eileen Ooi / DR. Dinh Le Dat / Eakchai Parichatikanon / Geoff Tan / Janoe Arijanto / Ilona Juwita ​

9:50AM Presenter #2

AI Meets Community: Unleashing New Connections Between Brands and Consumers

Anna Soliman

10:08AM Presenter #3

Navigating the Post-Cookie Era: Unleashing Possibilities in AdTech

travis Teo

10:26AM Panel Discussion #2

Building Resilience with 1st-Party Data in the Cookieless Era

Unlock cookieless strategies with expert insights

Prabhat Taneja / Serm Teck Choon / Daler Kendzhaev / Ronn Yeo / Karthik Karunanithy

10.51AM debate #1

Consumers, Marketers or Advertising - Who truly leads behaviour change?

Dive into the debate to uncover who holds the reins in shaping behavior, examining the roles of consumers, marketers, and advertising in driving change

Kiron Kesav / Sai Phaik Cheng / Stanley Clement / fong Ai Peng / Divya Singh / Samantha teh / Ivor Xianz

11:21AM focus session #1

The Power of Small Screen Strategy

Turning Mobile Magic into Box-Office Hits

Jastina Arshad / Iylia Izzati

11:39AM panel discussion #3

Breaking the Mold & Rethinking Metrics with Next-Gen Measurement

Reimagine campaign assessment with innovative metrics

Pranav Jha / Premnath Unnikrishnan / Doreen Teh / Paromeeta Banerjee / Diogo Andrade

12:04PM Presenter #4

Are We Overthinking Consumer Journeys?

JordAn Quek


Lunch break

1:45PM panel discussion #4

Empowering Leaders as Talent Magnets

Empower leaders to attract and retain top talent

Kausern Hieu / Saravanan Asogan / Prema Ponnudurai / Matthew Ho / Wan Mariah

2:10PM Debate #2

Pros vs Cons: Debating AI's Impact on Human Potential

Explore both sides of the argument, weighing the benefits and drawbacks to gain deeper insights into this evolving technological landscape

Nicholas Sagau / Kshitij Pradeep / Syamil Fahim / Sandeep Joseph / AZMIR RAHMAN / Andrew Pinto / Mediha Mahmood

2:40PM Presenter #5

Missions for the Modern Marketer

aaron leong

2:58PM panel discussion #5

Can AI Tools Reshape Business Outcomes in 2-3 Years?

Explore AI's impact on future business outcomes

Ashran Ghazi / Chan May Ling / Pamela Ooi / Suhail Ahmad / David Soo

3.23PM panel discussion #6

The Green Shift: Sustainable Practices for a Digital World

Champion sustainability in tech & media industry

Renuka Sena / Dr. Sumitra Nair / Kevin Seng

3:48PM Presenter #6

How should brand and retail approach ecommerce in 2024?

Strategies for Brands and Retailers to Build Profitable Businesses and Cultivate Loyal Consumer Relationships

Bvern Yip

4:06PM debate #3

What's more effective: The classic brand led contents or bite sized creator contents

Understand which approach resonates more with audiences and drives greater engagement and impact

Chris Wee / Ceddy ANG / Ledwina In/ Ng Yau Chuan / Arqam Tabani / Emir Shafri / Juliana Aznam

4:36PM focus session #2

The Harmony of Human Creativity and AI in Shaping Media and Marketing

Sai Phaik Cheng / Nicholas Sagau

4:54PM panel discussion #7

Malaysia's Data Dilemma: Navigating Compliance vs. Building Consumer Trust

Deciphering Malaysia's Data Dilemma

Tan Lee Chin / Mediha Mahmood / ShelVei Yong

5:19PM panel discussion #8

How to build brand and consumer trust in the age of disruption

Building Brand Trust in Disruptive Times

Bharat Avalani / Santharuban Thurai Sundaram / Winnie Chen-Head / Claudian Navin Stanislaus / Abdul Sani Abdul Murad


Closing Remarks by Organizing Chairman

Pranav Jha

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