Bharat Khatri


Day 1. 22 Jun @ 09.40am

Surfing the Unstoppable AI Wave

Join us as we navigate this exhilarating wave, riding towards a future of endless possibilities with AI in marketing.


Discover how we at Omnicom media group is embracing AI to transform our services to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing.


From personalized campaigns to automated processes, this captivating ride explores the boundless potential of AI in revolutionizing marketing practices.

Chief Digital Officer, Asia Pacific

OMnicom media group

Bharat Khatri is the Chief Digital Officer, APAC at Omnicom Media Group, one of the world’s  leading global media agency networks, where he leads digital marketing operations,  productization, commercials and governance efforts for the network in this region. With a  future-forward and holistic approach to digital marketing, he spotlights his focus on leveraging  technology to drive efficiency and creativity in digital marketing at scale.


A strategic digital marketer with more than a decade of agile experience in digital and sales  across the EMENA & APAC markets, Bharat is a young thought leader with a knack for driving  efficiency and creativity at scale in his projects. He comes with strong business acumen to  leverage data, technology, and real actionable insights into lucrative solutions for brands.  Armed with end-to-end expertise in delivering campaigns with programmatic stack  development, omnichannel activation, performance marketing, and media commerce, Bharat  loves accelerating the growth story of clients and partners.  


Before joining the Omnicom Media Group, Bharat was leading operations for Xaxis in India as  the Country Head, where he was responsible for managing P&L for the biggest agency  programmatic desk in the country, growing the business exponentially over the past five years,  fostering partnerships with leading technology, media and measurement players to drive a  digital-first strategy and mentoring the next generation of digital leaders. 


He started his career with Serco as an Account Coordinator and later on moved to Wipro and Exponential, diversifying his portfolio to media planning, buying, P&L Management, research and  development. 


A true advocate for digital transformation and passionate about applications of artificial  intelligence that enables accurate digital planning across all addressable channels, Bharat loves  helping brands transform the marketing message into a welcome occurrence rather than an  unwanted intrusion with his data-driven approach. 


A complete foodie at heart, Bharat enjoys cooking in his past time. Digital detox and good food  make his weekends perfect. As an avid mountaineer, he sees practical parallels between what it  takes to be on an expedition and being in the media advertising industry. The determination,  perseverance and out-of-the-box thinking required to take on mountaineering fuels him to find  purpose in work and life. 


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