Carroll Kee


Day 1 . Hall #2 @ 4.00pm

Data Empowerment: Unlocking the Potential of Becoming Data Driven

Data is becoming more accessible than ever however, managers and executives make fewer than half of their decisions based on data. It’s a journey from becoming data-informed, guiding us with decision-making whilst learning to be data-driven, allowing data to make decisions. As data continues to become essential to businesses, what can we do to make sure that we reach the goal of becoming data-driven? We’ve struggled to integrate data needed, but is it a myth that data is not easily consumed? Are you wondering if you have the right analytics talent or just the talent?

General Manager, SEA - Partner


With over a decade of experience in media, tech and digital, Carroll has spent the bulk of her career leading brands into the digital space. She is now the General Manager in Southeast Asia at Similarweb, the world’s leading market intelligence company.


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