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Daler Kendzhaev


Day 1. 22 Jun @ 10.35am

Changes In The Digital Ecosystem

Join us to discover and understand more around one of the most significant changes that is  happening in digital ecosystem and how it is going to impact your business, digital marketing and  how to get ready for it. 

We will go through the impact across data, platforms, measurement, targeting and how to navigate  through these changes and adapt your business.

Head of Annalect


Daler leads OMG’s data, tech and advanced analytics divisions in Malaysia and Singapore. He is responsible for Annalect’s growth in the markets as well as building the new capabilities by overseeing the increased adoption of Omni, across PHD and OMD. He also spearheads advanced tech initiatives and build on global and regional partnerships while unlocking new local opportunities. Daler is not new to the network, prior to Annalect, he was a business director at PHD Malaysia, which he joined in 2018 and played a crucial role in accelerating its growth as business director where he managed diverse portfolios with local, regional and global brands including HSBC, Volkswagen, LG, Warner Bros and Singapore Airlines.


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