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Jolene Sng


Day 1 . Hall #2 @ 3.30pm

B2B Marketing: Cashing on Creativity

Can powerful creative help your business generate 10-20X more sales? The answer is yes.
However, too few marketers have the data and the examples necessary to convince finance and sales teams to make a bigger investment in powerful creative.


This growing body of LinkedIn’s B2B Institute research aims to empower marketers to bring creativity to B2B – and to secure the investment necessary to bet big and commit to that creative over time.

Agency Development Lead for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan


A seasoned marketing and sales professional, Jolene excels in forging strategic partnerships with agencies and advertisers, leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful tools to propel their growth. With a transformative 7-year tenure at LinkedIn, she currently holds the role of Agency Development Lead for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Her expertise lies in developing impactful programs that yield measurable benefits for agencies, including improved bottom-line results, enhanced media performance, seamless technological integrations, and enhanced analytical capabilities. Additionally, as the Regional Showcase Lead for Women@LinkedIn, she passionately spearheads initiatives across the region, empowering and inspiring women to advance their careers while embracing their unique identities.


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