kenny tan


Day 1. 22 Jun @ 10:10am

Future of Video: Next-Level Customer Engagement Beyond the Screen

In the digital era, how can you create stories and experiences that ignite emotions and leave an
unforgettable mark? Discover the key to unlocking unprecedented success in customer engagement,
conversion, and retention through immersive experiences powered by digital innovation.


Join us on a transformative journey, led by Kenny, Head of SEA at BytePlus, backed by ByteDance’s vast expertise in serving billions of global users. Prepare to transcend boundaries as he unveils the secrets to crafting captivating experiences that go beyond the screen.


Transcend conventional boundaries and step into a realm of video transformation today.

Head of SEA

BytePlus Pte Ltd

A tech-savvy problem solver with a passion for leveraging modern technology to tackle customer challenges. Kenny has executive experience in areas of country sales and marketing, regional leadership, product marketing, strategy and strong expertise in East and West approach to business.

Currently leading SEA at BytePlus, a part of the enterprise division at ByteDance, Kenny is at the forefront of emerging technology and evolving industry needs, and constantly seeks opportunities to create impactful change.


2 days • 20+ Speakers • 20+ Panellists

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