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Siow Wei Liang


Day 2. 23 Jun @ HALL 2, 1.00Pm

Era of AI: How Personalized Recommendations is Supercharging your Content​

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and unleash the boundless potential of personalized recommendations to revolutionize your content strategy.


Experience the game-changing impact of AI-powered algorithms and data-driven insights, as we elevate content creation, curation, and distribution to unparalleled heights.


Together, let’s unlock the power of personalized recommendations, forging authentic connections and delivering unparalleled content experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Solutions Engineer


Wei Liang is a Solutions Engineer based in Singapore with experience in cloud-native and modern app architecture. He has also been working with customers in Southeast Asia and beyond from different industries to adopt new and innovative solutions such as AI & ML according to their business needs and goals.


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