Su-Ann Teh


Day 1, Hall #2 @ 4.30pm

The Future Unveiled: Hyper-Personalization's Role in Transforming Customer Experiences

The future of customer experience lies in hyper-personalization, a transformative approach that unveils new possibilities. By harnessing advanced technologies such as AI and NLP, we can create tailored experiences that exceed expectations and foster deep connections. Hyper-personalization not only elevates customer satisfaction but also empowers us to drive brand loyalty, revenue growth, and market differentiation. Here we seek to discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead as hyper personalization takes center stage in the ongoing transformation of customer experience.

Head of Digital Transformation Strategy


Su-Ann Teh is a digital transformation professional who is passionate about enabling humans to be human again in a modern world.

She fervently believes in using technology to alleviate the general population from rudimentary and frustrating experiences so they may focus on tasks that require empathy, creativity, and complex solutions. Her career spans diverse industries, encompassing strategy, design, project management, change management, and implementation.

Among her notable accomplishments are the launch of Malaysia’s pioneering AI-powered banking chat service, the introduction of Robot Concierge in local bank branches, and the elimination of manual call screenings in a call center.

She is also a dedicated paw-parent and is always up for adrenaline-inducing activities including diving.


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