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Tricia Lee


Day 1. 22 Jun, HALL #2 @ 2:00PM

From Snaps to Impact: Explore the Power of Video in the Digital Era

Journey into the captivating world of visual storytelling and experience its profound impact on viewers. Discover how visual stimuli fuel the art of storytelling, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.


Join us at the forefront of innovative technology to explore the transformative influence of livestreaming. Learn from industry pioneers as they share insights on reshaping audience connection, engagement, and captivation in real-time.


Harness the transformative power of video technology to create authentic connections and take your video experiences to new heights today.



Tricia is a Sales Manager, from BytePlus’ growing Southeast Asia team, mainly handling customer accounts in Malaysia and Thailand. Throughout her corporate experience, Tricia has engaged with C suites and executives alike to navigate challenging business landscapes and deliver tailored solutions that drive tangible results.


Prior to joining BytePlus, Tricia had taken on diverse roles in both startup and large companies. She has worked with businesses across industries including retail, e-commerce, media, healthcare, and education to provide insights into customer experience and marketing.


2 days • 20+ Speakers • 20+ Panellists

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