Are We Overthinking Consumer Journeys?

Explore with us as we question the existing complexities in our approach to consumer journeys. Gain insights on simplifying strategies and cutting unnecessary intricacies of getting your consumers convert. This session offers a pragmatic perspective, focused on refining and streamlining customer journeys to achieve business objectives effectively.


Jordan Quek

Jordan is a dedicated and curious individual who thrives on continuous learning and exploring new ideas. With nine years of experience in Media Planning, Jordan has honed valuable skills for excelling in dynamic, challenging environments. In the media planning industry, Jordan emphasizes efficiency and high-quality work to achieve objectives and drive success. Outside of work, Jordan enjoys outdoor activities, especially tennis. While once a competitive player, Jordan now teaches part-time tennis classes on weekends to share expertise and inspire the next generation. Jordan is committed to personal growth, embracing challenges, and leaving a positive impact wherever he goes.


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