Navigating Disruption & Staying Relevant in a Shifting Digital Landscape

How do Businesses Stay Relevant in a Shifting Digital Landscape?


In a constantly changing world, staying afloat isn’t enough – businesses must thrive. This session explores the impact on the latest digital disruption, gaining tools and strategies to navigate these turbulent waters. Explore emerging trends, master agility, redefine customer centricity, leverage data analytics, and future-proof the our businesses. Through the sharing of some up-to-date, real-world experiences, we want to equipt the industry with actionable strategies and fresh perspectives for success in the dynamic digital future.

Natalie Goh

Natalie is an accomplished marketing leader with years of experience driving brand growth in FMCG industry, spanning across Beauty, Personal Care, Food and Beverage sectors. She is currently the Business Unit lead for Beauty & Wellbeing Unilever MYSG, heading market leading brands in Hair Care and Skin Care category. Her expertise lies in data driven insights, pushing boundaries in creativity and innovations to drive brand success.


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