Day 1, 22 June @ 11.10am

Navigating the Ethical Challenges in Influencer Marketing

What are the key considerations and ethical implications when a Brand embarks on Influencer partnerships? Is there a framework to follow when engaging Influencers? How can Brands and Influencers balance authenticity in their collaborations while meeting the advertising objectives? And how about the consumers – are there any specific guidelines in place to safeguard and ensure they make informed purchasing decisions from influencer marketing? Join our panel session as we seek for answers and ethical guidelines to help us navigate more expertly in this new form of persuasive marketing!


Kausern Hieu


Nuffnang Malaysia

Kausern is currently the CEO of Nuffnang Malaysia, Asia’s leading influencer and content marketing company. He is also currently serving as the VP of the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA).

He has more than 15 years of sales, digital marketing experience and hands-on expertise in leading people across different levels within such organization types; start-up, non-profit and advertising agency.


He particularly excels in helping companies bring out the best in their younger workforce; from driving performance to transiting them into leadership positions. He is also an ICF-certified coach.


Saki Goh

Senior GM Marketing

Wipro Unza Malaysia

Saki is a highly skilled marketer with over eighteen years of experience in the FMCG and retail industry. In 2018, she joined Wipro Unza as GM Marketing, responsible for managing 11 brands spanning across 13 beauty and personal care categories. Prior to her role at Wipro Unza, Saki held successful positions at L’Oreal, Giant/ColdStorage, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilever. Throughout her career, Saki has consistently achieved significant growth for the brands she has worked on, gaining recognition through various marketing and advertising awards. Her driving forces are generating new ideas and fostering the development of people. Alongside her passion for brand management, Saki also engages as an Instagram influencer, specializing in pop culture, beauty, and fashion.

Isaiah Saw

Senior Leader – Campaign Strategy & Operations

Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

ISAIAH SAW is currently the Senior Leader of Nuffnang Malaysia, Asia’s leading influencer and content marketing company. He specializes in campaign strategies and operations of the company.


A seasoned professional, he believes in fostering creative thinking and collaboration. Isaiah revels in building teams, developing human capital, and implementing processes for operational excellence. He values having a curiosity and beginner’s mind, he wants to create value for others by looking at and solving problems from diverse angles.


With a knack for creative solutions, Isaiah wants to bring fresh perspectives and resourcefulness to drive excellence and innovation.

WingKeh & Keifth

Filmmakers & Video Content Makers

Malaysian power-couple influencers Wingkeh and Keifth are blowing up the digital space with their creative and trendy lifestyle, travel, transition and dance content. While Keifth brings his expertise and enthusiastic passion for camera work, photography and video editing to the table, Wingkeh brings her ever-joyful, cute-as-a-button personality and winning smile to champion all things bright and bubbly for the duo. Wingkeh and Keifth have collectively clinched the 1st Runner-Up award in the Talent category for TikTok’s All-Star Southeast Asia 2019 competition, proudly representing Malaysia as influencers and content creators in the regional scene.

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